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Would you pay to use Facebook? Because they're charging

(Toledo News Now) -

The next time you use Facebook to send a message - it could cost you.

One whole dollar.

That's right, and we found out the hard way. It seems as if Facebook is charging people to send messages to the direct inboxes of people they aren't connected with.

When WTOL 11 tried to send a message, we were prompted with this:

Paying for Facebook

VentureBeat reported the changes back in January, in addition to the fact that Facebook was charging people "extreme price points" as a test. For example, charging someone $100 to message Mark Zuckerberg.

It serves as another hurdle to clear for Facebook users who want to check their inboxes. They now have to check two instead of one to make sure they're not missing anything important.

All this leaves us with one burning question:

Would you pay to use Facebook? (And who gets to keep the cash?)

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