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Tam O’Shanter fails underage alcohol sales check

SYLVANIA, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Tam O'Shanter in Sylvania hosts hundreds of hockey games and other youth events, but the facility got a black mark on its record Thursday night after getting caught selling beer to a teenager.

The bust was part of a sweep by the Ohio Department of Public Safety (ODPS). Seven bars and carry-outs were checked using an underage informant.

"Our goal is to get complete compliance," said Raymond Rodriguez of the ODPS. "Doesn't matter how many places we visit, our goal is zero."

The informant visited the Tam O'Shanter Loft and was served by a bartender.

"No ID was checked. The bartender did not ask for age. The exchange of alcohol for money was done," said Rodriguez.

The bartender and Tam O'Shanter were both cited for furnishing and selling beer to a person under 21.

The Sylvania Area Joint Recreation District oversees the facility. The executive director promises change to prevent another embarrassing, illegal sale. Those may include a scanner for drivers licenses and a review of bartender training. There will also be an internal investigation.

"It is something we've always prided ourselves on," said John Pristash, of the Sylvania Area Joint Recreation District. "We're youth-oriented and adult-oriented, but we always try to provide constructive, leisure recreational programs."

The ODPS says it will continue its crackdown on underage alcohol sales.

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