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No progress: Strongsville strike continues

Rally Friday afternoon Rally Friday afternoon

Strongsville teachers walk the picket line for the second week in a row saying they'll stick it out for as long as it takes to fight for what is right.  Only a few steps away is the Superintendent's office where he says the sticking points remain the same.  

Superintendent John Krupinski says, "It remains the district must operate a balanced budget, and our best last offer reflects the economic realities of our time."

Teachers are being asked to pay more for their healthcare.  

The Strongsville Education Association says they've invited the Board of Education to talk at noon on Saturday, but without the federal mediator.  So, school officials say they aren't planning on attending.  

"Our position is that we will attend any meeting that's called by the federal mediator because that's the process that we started under, and that's the process we are going to continue to honor."

Strongsville Education Association President Tracy Linscott released a statement saying, "The clear fact of the matter is that the board is refusing to negotiate."  The superintendent says that's not true. He has this message for the striking teachers.

"I look forward to the opportunity to have them return.  I respect them tremendously."

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