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Slyman's will be slammed on St. Patrick's Day!

Slyman's corned beef sandwich Slyman's corned beef sandwich

Never fear, Slyman's, one of Cleveland's corned beef kings, normally closed on Sundays, will be open on St. Patrick's Day. The slicers are already in overdrive as they get ready for the big day, and St. Patrick's Day is without question the busiest day of the year for Freddie Slyman and his crew.

"It's a high stress level type of environment, it is. It's like a pressure cooker back here," said Slyman.

Customers were crowding in before the big day looking for a little preview, "It's going to be gone today, it's too tough to wait for Sunday, and I know they'll be so crowded on Sunday, I'll never get in here, so I'll have a little early one," said regular customer Marty Adams.

The fact that St. Patrick's Day falls on a Sunday will not make much difference here, they expect to be slammed until the beef runs out. Slyman guesses they could go through close to two thousand pounds.  

"Its the unpredictability factor that you have to deal with, on our end of it. We just prepare as best we can and deal with it as best we can," he said.

And while most will be celebrating, the crew at Slyman's will be hard at work. 

"It's a lot of work, so we try to have fun within the realm of fun.  We just try to do our best and keep it light spirited," said Slyman.

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