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Code Red alerts Lenawee residents of danger

LENAWEE COUNTY, MI (Toledo News Now) -

A push to get Lenawee County residents enrolledin a Code Red program is paying off. They've had the largest number of newregistrations in the whole country.

"This gives us the tools, and the capability, ofpushing information out very, very rapidly to [residents]," said Curtis Parson,of Lenawee County Emergency Management.

When a tornado, flood, chemical spill, or otherdangerous event happens, people want the information right away. The Code Redprogram figures out which part of the county will be impacted by a disaster andcalls or sends a message to those people.

"I think it's a great idea," said JerryUyttenhove, who works in the county. "It alerts people to any impending dangerin the area."

More than 9,000 people and 300 businesses havesigned up for Code Red in the county.

"I want to make this available and I want to getpeople registered so when something happens in their community, they know aboutit immediately," Parson said.

The program is funded through the Department ofHomeland Security and is free for residents to use. To sign up for Code Red, visit theLenawee County website here.

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