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West Toledo woman’s grandson sets house on fire

Kevin Lammie Kevin Lammie
TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Neighbors were disgusted when they found out what happened at 77-year-old Barbara Lammie's house in the 2800 block of Isha Laye Way in west Toledo.

Toledo Police say Lammie's grandson came there Wednesday morning and tried to burn the place down.

He's been identified as 21-year-old Kevin Lammie, charged with aggravated arson and aggravated burglary.

"A catastrophe, just a catastrophe. No question about it," said neighbor Irv Mixer. "That poor lady, a magnificent woman putting up with that."

Police say Lammie and her grandson had a stormy relationship.

Kevin recently threatened to kill her, so she filed a protection order against him.

"When he was a little guy, he had trouble," said Mixer. "Now he's an adult. Trouble followed him right over. Terrible."

Police say Kevin broke into Barbara's house and poured gasoline all over the place. Furniture was torched, including a sofa.

Kevin was captured inside, armed with a knife, and burns covering his hands.

Barbara was not home. She had been staying elsewhere, worried something like this would happen.

"He needs to be put away from society," Mixer said. "You can't let that young man roam around society. Look what he's done."

Kevin Lammie is currently in jail on a $2 million bond.

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