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Does It Work: Gyro Bowl

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Makers of Gyro Bowl promise this children's bowl is kid-proof and spins like a globe, never spilling any snacks inside. But does it work?  

Out of the package, this gyro action seems convincing: the open side stays up, even when we turn the Gyro Bowl upside down, but we're adults.

Cheerios - the honey nut variety - are Izzy's favorite. So much so, we had the hardest time just getting her interested in the bowl. Izzy seemed to think it was dad's duty in life to be her server.

"Usually when we give her the bowl she'll take it, and then like, flings it."@

But so far, she's just interested in upgrading to a fresh handful.

"Hold it. No, stop taking the cheerios." @

That's when a more experienced daddy - a father of teenagers - stepped in.

It was my patented daddy stare down that, no doubt, turned the tide of cognitive ability and Izzy latched on. At first things looked great, all the Cheerios stayed put in the Gyro Bowl.

"One fell out."

Then, Izzy and her graceful gate, that runway glide of hers, began to take a toll on the bowl. More Cheerios came out. Then even more - a whole bunch of them.

"When she first started walking with it, it seemed like it was working, and we were impressed. But, then a little bit longer, and it was all just falling out a little bit at a time. Pretty soon it was empty and everything was on the floor."

If it didn't make such lofty claims, we'd go easier on the Gyro Bowl. But spill-proof?


Does it work? We give the Gyro Bowl a "no."

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