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Crews training for water escapes

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Mercy St. Vincent and University of Toledo life flight crews trained forwater escapes Thursday at St. Francis De sales School on Bancroft Street.

Medical crews trained to learn survival skills, specifically in the eventthat an aircraft needs to make an emergency landing on the water.

The training sessions included a class on water survival, followed byswimming the length of a pool while wearing a flight suit, and dunker training.

Trainees also practiced escaping their seat while upside down underwater. Theyused a new device that simulates an emergency water landing to learn how to getthemselves out alive. Prior to having this tool, the Coast Guard game in forthe training.

"It's a little bit unnerving because most EMS people, we're kind of controlfreaks," explained Julie Goins-Whitmore. "We are the ones that are in control,we're calling the shots, and in this type of situation, we are the ones thatare at the mercy of the aircraft, at the mercy of the water. So it's scary. Itdefinitely gives you a big shot of adrenaline."

The addition of this new equipment will allow the life flight crew to train ona regular basis.

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