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BGSU Faculty Association prepares for cuts

BOWLING GREEN, OH (Toledo News Now) -

A special meeting was held on Bowling Green State University's campus Wednesday to discuss faulty jobs.

The BGSU Faculty Association is preparing its members for what happens after they lose their jobs.

The university is planning to cut 100 faculty members for the fall. Most of those 100 are leaving on their own due to receiving other jobs, or retirement. Others are on a 1-year contract that will not be renewed, according to David Jackson, president of the Faculty Association.

For those faculty members, the association wanted to explain to them the grievance process, and help them with what their options will be.

"The purpose of this workshop tonight is to teach the faculty how the grievance process works and to give them the tools necessary to get unemployment, and to get other sorts of benefits that they're entitled to if they're not being renewed," Jackson said.

The Faculty Association has held demonstrations against these cuts, and they're still fighting, but notifications were supposed to go out March 1 to faculty members getting cut.

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