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Cardinal O'Malley!: Could the new pope be a Cleveland-area native?

Cardinal Sean Patrick O'Malley Cardinal Sean Patrick O'Malley

American Cardinal, Sean Patrick O'Malley, is being talked about, as a possibility, to be the next pontiff. He's currently the Archbishop of Boston -- but he was born and baptized in Lakewood.

"I'm very, very excited for him. He's very humble. He always wears his Franciscan robes and he always wears his sandals," said Pat Donnelly.

Pat Donnelly once lived a few houses down from Cardinal Sean Patrick O'Malley in Lakewood and even babysat him.

Friends for more than 60 years she remembers the day they first met.

"Hi. I'm Patrick O'Oalley. I'm five years old. I live down the street. Do you have any children I could play with," mocked Donnelly.

As you can imagine, she says he would be the perfect pope.

"He's very humble. He has a great sense of humor. He's very, very intelligent," praised Donnelly.

At St. Luke's Parish where Cardinal O'Malley was baptized as a child...there's great anticipation about the announcement of the next pope.

"As an American I don't think we thought that could ever happen. That part of it is exciting. The fact that it would be from northeast Ohio, that's like the cherry on top," said Patty Stack.

"Whatever God wants. I just hope and pray that God will bring the right one. And I know he will," said Alice Minarik.

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