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Jerusalem Twp board discusses fire chief’s job

Firefighter Robert Bonnough Firefighter Robert Bonnough

The Jerusalem Township board of trustees met Tuesday to determine if Fire Chief Harold Stanton would be fired or not.

After a lengthy meeting, no decision was reached. The board recessed and will meet again next Tuesday, March 19.

Stanton was suspended last week after he allowed an individual who is not a member of the fire department to participate in a fire call.

Outside the meeting, Stanton's supporters protested with posters of Trustee Joe Kiss, stating that Kiss was helping during a recent fire himself, despite not being appointed for that.

"I think maybe the information that the trustees had…is some gossip information or bad information," said Firefighter Robert Bonnough, who is upset with the decision to suspend Stanton.

He said he feels Stanton is facing termination for a rule that Trustee Kiss isn't following himself.

But Kiss said the suspension was based on more.

"The bottom line for Chief Stanton's suspension is failure to follow orders," he said. "It's really more than that. It's been going on quite some time."

And in his own defense, Kiss said, "I'm not on the fire scenes acting like a fireman. I'm on fire scenes observing Jerusalem Township firemen do their job."

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