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Man convicted of raping stepdaughter to be let out of jail

Ricky Watson of Cleveland got his wish granted for a new trial last month after sitting in prison for more than year convicted, along with Gary Macon, of raping Watson's 8-year-old stepdaughter.

That girl is now 14, and wrote our Scott Taylor last month stating her stepdad never touched her.  

The letter and her change of testimony got Watson a new trial. Watson talked to Taylor last month in an exclusive jail house interview.

"I am sitting in here for something that never happened," said Watson. "Why would I not want to let the world know that people are being put in prison for something they didn't do."

Watson just took a plea deal.  He pleaded guilty to several, charges including sexual battery and has to register as a sex offender. He gets out of prison in three weeks based on time served. 

Taylor asked Watson in jail, "Did you rape your stepdaughter when she was eight-years-old?"

Watson says "No. Never. I did everything to protect her."

Gary Macon, the other man convicted of raping the eight-year-old, has filed a motion for a new trial. 

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