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Viral obit celebrates life of foodie, 'ladies man,' hater of daylight saving time

Harry Stamps' obituary told of the life of a "ladies man, foodie, natty dresser and accomplished traveler." (Source: Harry Stamps' obituary told of the life of a "ladies man, foodie, natty dresser and accomplished traveler." (Source:

(RNN) - Harry Stamps lived a colorful life, drinking buttermilk from martini glasses (garnished with cornbread), staying at only the best "AAA-rated campgrounds" and sporting the finest attire "by the fashion house Fruit of the Loom."

So while some obituaries cover the basics - family, friends and funeral arrangements - when Stamps died on March 9, his daughter penned an obituary as colorful as him.

"As a point of pride, he purported to remember every meal he had eaten in his 80 years of life," the obituary, which has gone viral since his death, reads.

The tribute waxes poetic about Stamps' "life-long love affair with deviled eggs," as well as boiled peanuts (a Southern delicacy) and Vienna sausages - pronounced Vi-e-na in his home state of Mississippi.

Stamps loved growing camellias, "outsmarting squirrels, never losing a game of competitive sickness and reading any history book he could get his hands on."

But Stamps, a former dean at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College and a Korean War vet, was most proud of his "main squeeze" Ann, his grandchildren and the two daughters who he taught "to fish, to select a quality hammer, to love nature and to just be thankful."

He was not so fond of cats, any and all franchises of Law and Order, "know-it-all Yankees" and "Southerners who use the words 'veranda' and 'porte cochere' to put on airs."

But he saved his greatest disdain for daylight saving time, "which he referred to as 'The Devil's Time.' It is not lost on his family that he died the very day that he would have had to spring his clock forward. This can only be viewed as his final protest."

"The family asks that in honor of Harry that you write your Congressman and ask for the repeal of Day Light Saving Time. Harry wanted everyone to get back on the Lord's Time."

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