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Dog shooting victim gets help from community

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Friday night, Toledo News Now brought you the tragic story of M.J., a two year old mixed pit bull shot in East Toledo.

On Sunday, M.J.'s owner, Louis Jennings, said he will be cited for failure to confine the dog.

M.J. left her unfenced backward and was shot at the corner of Nevada and Miami Streets.

M.J.'s owner also said Toledo Police will file a police report today. They originally did not file a report because the dog was unlicensed and roaming.

Viewers were touched by the original story and reacted in a positive way.

M.J.'s owners can't afford to pay for the necessary medical treatment to heal her wounds.

But some who saw the story have reached out to help Louis Jennings and Molly Young.

On Saturday, the couple took M.J. to the East Toledo Animal Clinic.

They were hooked up with Dr. Donald Knepper at the clinic by Karen Reno, who saw the story.

"This dog shouldn't have to suffer because some person decided to shoot it," said Ms. Reno.

She was wounded in the front right leg and taken to another vet for treatment.

But Louis and Molly could only afford to have her wounds stapled, not stitched, and there was no money for antibiotics.

Dr. Knepper treated M.J. for free.

"We do this all the time. It's a great gift to provide vet medicine. My feeling is anytime in life when you can give, it's good," said Dr. Knepper.

Dr. Knepper determined the staples are holding and gave the dog antibiotics.

He adds M.J. is doing fine and is lucky no vital organs were hit.

"It's really nice there are people out there that will reach out to other people with animals," said M.J.'s owner Louis.

And that's what the group Maumee Valley Save-a-Pet is doing too.

Louis and Molly say Toledo Police did not originally make a report about the shooting, because M.J. was unlicensed and roaming.

The couple has been told there will be a report filed once a license is purchased, which they say they can't afford.

As of Sunday morning, M.J.'s owners tell WTOL 11, Toledo Police have agreed to file a report.

Save-a-Pet will pay for the tag and is also looking for a company to donate services to build a fence in the couple's backyard.

"We try to help animals that aren't in our care. Our mission is all animals, whether with us in the shelter or out in public," said Janis O'Brien of Save-a-Pet.

M.J. will have a follow-up visit with Dr. Knepper on Monday as she continues her road to recovery.

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