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Dog shot in east Toledo survives

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

An east Toledo dog was shot while roaming the neighborhood, and survived, but the owners can't file a police report.

Two-year-old MJ is a female pit bull mix. Owners Louis Jennings and Molly Young said she's friendly and playful.

"She's a very sweet dog," Young said. "She chases her own shadow. She's harmless to anybody."

But someone decided to harm MJ Friday afternoon.

She scooted out of her unfenced backyard and was shot at the corner of Nevada and Miami Streets in east Toledo.

"What do I think of someone who would shoot a dog?" Jennings asked. "They're cowardly."

Young thinks MJ probably was just looking for affection from the person.

"I assume she wanted to be pet by someone she seen walking by because she craves attention," she said.

MJ was wounded in the right front leg. She was taken to a vet for treatment.

Jennings and Young couldn't afford stitches, so her wounds were stapled shut. The bill was $79.00.

In addition, the couple said they can't pay for antibiotics.

"Yeah, she'll survive," Young said. "She's just trying to move on it because I think she wants to play again."

The couple said Toledo Police recovered a shell casing from the scene but would not take a report about the incident, because MJ was unlicensed and roaming.

They've been told there will be a report filed once the license is purchased, which they say they can't afford.

"She's real close to me," Jennings said. "She means a lot to me."

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