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New STD app

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Talk about taking technology to a whole new level. For many people going to the doctor to see if they have an STD is embarrassing, so now there's an app to help diagnose a potential problem while in the comfort of your home.

There's an app to count your calories, an app that's for exercising, and now there's an app to help determine if you have a sexually transmitted disease.

It's called the S-T-D Triage app by the makers of Idoc24.

You can download it for free. The app accesses skin problems and offers assessments of problem STDs by licensed dermatologist. "It's not as good as the real thing," says Doctor Paul Hazen.

Dermatologist Paul Hazen is not associated with the app.

He says technology is good, but the app shouldn't be a tool to replace modern medicine.  "I think if you're relying on an app where to go for dinner, I think that's a little different than the app in which you're trying to decide your healthcare," says Hazen.

The founder of the STD app says he noticed more than 30-percent of cases submitted with other health apps were STD related.

Thus a "need", but Doctor Hazen says you need to make sure the person who's giving the diagnosis knows what they're doing.

But, how do you check that? "I would be very cautious. I'd clearly like to know the qualifications of the person who will be looking at whatever you've sent in," explains Hazen.

You don't have to give your name or e-mail address, but, in order to read your results you'll have to pay 10-bucks.

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