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No citations yet in Toledo for texting and driving

Since texting while driving became illegal inOhio on March 1, Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSHP) officers have been on thelookout for distracted drivers.

Officers are now able to issue citations fordrivers texting behind the wheel, but it's only a secondary offense.

"That means, in other words, you must bestopped for some kind of primary offense, which would usually be engaged in some sort of other driving or probable cause," said Sgt.Eric Gonzalez, Assistant Post Commander of the Toledo Highway Patrol Post.

But that's not the case for juveniles. Thelaw says anyone under 18 can be stopped for distracted driving as a primaryoffense. Sgt. Gonzalez said teens are still learning, and need to keep alltheir attention on the roads.

"They need to be more observant of theroadway rather than the phone or an iPod," he said.

The problem with the new law is enforcement.So far, Gonzalez said OSHP has not issued any citations in the Toledo area. Inorder to issue a citation, an officer has to catch a driver in the act, andprove beyond a reasonable doubt that the law was broken.

Some drivers may be grateful for that detail.

"I'm not a fan of more reasons to get pulledover," said Sue Miller. "But people should be paying attention while drivingand definitely shouldn't be texting."

Patrolmen say if a person is driving 45 milesper hour, they should be at least 99 feet from the vehicle in front of them –that's less than two seconds of driving time. Every second a driver's eyes areon their phone, they're a danger to themselves and everyone around them.

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