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Wauseon’s fire chief could become full-time

Wauseon Fire Department Wauseon Fire Department
WAUSEON, OH (Toledo News Now) -

There's a push underway in Wauseon to hire a new fire chief.

The last chief retired about three months ago, and the city has had a part-time interim chief since, but some want the next chief to be a full-time employee.

City leaders said being a fire chief is a lot of work. In addition to being on the road, they're responsible for administrative duties and applying for grants for the department.

Council member Heather Kost said the duties of the position are too much for part-time. She said the city has a great fire department, and wants to make sure everyone working for it has the resources and ability to keep it that way.

Kost also said the mayor does have plans to make the position full-time again, they're just not sure when.

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