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Wauseon postpones water rate increase

WAUSEON, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Residents in Wauseon got a pleasant surprise as city council members voted to delay a water rate increase that was set to kick in April 1.

According to City Finance Director Jon Schamp, the council decided they just don't need that extra money right now, and can postpone or possibly eliminate the increase.

"You need to keep plenty of money there for maintenance, but at this time it was not an immediate need," Schamp said.

In 2009 the city voted to add six water and sewer rate increases, spread out over coming years. This year, water bills were supposed to go up 5 percent, and sewer rates would jump by 15 percent.

Now the increase has been pushed back to November. At that time, council will re-evaluate the increase and either enact it or eliminate it.

Schamp said this move will help residents get through the summer, when usage is high.

"People are watering their lawns, their gardens," he said. "People are filling their swimming pools. So by postponing it until November, it doesn't hit as hard."

And at least some residents are happy with the decision.

"Five percent makes a difference," said resident Callie Puehler. "Every little bit of money helps with today's economy."

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