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Port Clinton active shooter training

PORT CLINTON, OH (Toledo News Now) -

It's the kind of worst-case scenario law enforcement now fears: an active shooter in a school building.

In Ottawa County, they take the threat seriously and are learning how to react to the shooter.

There was no active shooter Thursday night at Bataan Primary School in Port Clinton, but deputies and officers roamed hallways, checked classrooms and moved from floor to floor acting as if there was one.

"We're doing everything in our power to make our schools safe," said Sgt. Zach Bowling of the Ottawa County Sheriff's Department. "Hopefully, a shooting never occurs where we have to use this, but if so, we'll be prepared."

The lesson to be learned is that teamwork is critical when searching for an active shooter. Multiple law enforcement agencies, be it local, state or federal, will respond to a call.

"It's extremely important to be on the same page," said Port Clinton Police Chief Rob Hickman. "That way we all know what we're doing. May not be able to communicate by radio, but the guys on the scene are on the same page."

This was the first of several 4-hour training sessions for Ottawa County law enforcement members.

They say they're here to be pro-active.

"School shootings are becoming more common. It's best all officers become up-to-date. You got to know how to handle it when you get inside the school. [You've] got to go right in and find the shooter," said Officer Edward Kellem of the Bay View Police Department.

Find the shooter, and at the same time, protect the lives of innocent children. 

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