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Downtown parking smartphone app

The green stickers on parking meters indicate that you can pay by phone. The green stickers on parking meters indicate that you can pay by phone.
TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

A new feature available in downtown Toledo is making paying for parking more mobile-friendly.

The Downtown Toledo Parking Authority has partnered with Park Mobile to offer a new service: drivers can add time to their parking meter – and pay – with their phone. It's available on parking meters identified by a green sticker.

"The major change is that you're allowed to do this from your car or from your office, or from lunch, and not have to go back to the meter," said Daniel Fortinberry with the Toledo Parking Authority.

It's a simple process. Parkers need only to call Park Mobile, add an app to their smartphone, and answer a few questions.

"They will ask for a credit card, and they will ask for a license plate," Fortinberry said. "And our enforcement officers, all they see is the license plate number that has been paid. That's all the information that we have available to us."

There is a $0.35 fee per transaction for customers using the service, but it costs nothing for the city or the parking authority.

Fortinberry said the response so far has been great. In nine days, over 100 people have used the service.

For travelers, the Park Mobile app is good in any city with the pay-by-phone service.

Customers without smartphones can still use the service by calling the phone number on the meter.

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