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Police look into possible utilities scam in Clyde

CLYDE, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Police are looking to clear up confusion in Clyde by figuring out the source of some phone calls that they believe are a scam.

In Clyde, residents have only two options for their electric utility – Toledo Edison Clyde Light and Power. But multiple residents have called officials saying they were called by someone claiming to work for AEP. The caller told residents they could save them money on their bills.

The caller then asked for personal information.

No one has been scammed yet, but police are wary, and would like to know if the calls are being made with malicious intent, or if it is an actual AEP salesperson who is unaware of the energy situation in Clyde.

Police are asking residents who receive such a call to ask for a call-back number and give that number to the police.

If residents ever have questions regarding their utilities options, they can contact the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio.

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