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Prosecution rests, jury to get case Monday in Craigslist murder plot trial

Richard Beasley Richard Beasley

The prosecution rested Thursday in the Richard Beasley murder trial, but the jury won't get case until Monday.

Closing arguments will not take place until Monday due to an out of town commitment by Judge Lynne Callahan.  The judge needs to be available while the jury deliberates in case they reach a verdict.  Since this jury will be sequestered, if they had been charged, they would have had to be housed needlessly in a hotel until Monday.

Beasley took the stand on Wednesday and denied he had anything to do with the killing of three men and wounding of a fourth.  Beasley claimed that the lone survivor, Scott Davis, had tried to rob him and that he only shot Davis in self-defense.

Earlier in the trial, Davis testified that Beasley pointed a gun at the back of his head, he heard a click, turned and was then shot in the arm. The click apparently was a misfire as the gun jammed.  Beasley angrily denied that he was a liar.

Beasley and his teen accomplice, Brogan Rafferty, allegedly lured men to a remote farm in Noble County through a Craigslist ad that promised work.

Rafferty has already been convicted of murder and attempted murder, and was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

If convicted, Beasley faces the death penalty.

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