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Local man appears in Disney movie

BOWLING GREEN, OH (Toledo News Now) - In 2006, Dan and Karen Cota, along with their daughter Caroline three shared some of the difficulties of being "little people" living in a "big world."

Their size is sometimes a challenge for them, and can make them feel like they don't fit.

Recently, Dan had a once in a lifetime opportunity: he was cast in a huge new Disney movie, in large part because he was exactly the right fit.

Bowling Green's Dan Cota will appear in the new Disney movie "Oz, the Great and Powerful." 

So how did a local Bowling Green man end up shooting scenes with A-list stars in a multimillion dollar Disney production?  It started with an email, and before he knew it, Dan was asking his boss at Promedica for a leave of absence to be part of the new movie. 

It was filmed in Pontiac, Michigan, so Dan had to live there for the better part of 3 months.

The separation was hard for wife Karen, but she was thrilled Dan had the opportunity to be included in the legend of the Wizard of Oz.

Dan's cast call was at 4 a.m. five days a week, where a two-hour makeup session turned him into a munchkin. Pictures were frowned upon, but Dan was able to snap these to remember his experience.  Just this week, the production company sent him a special souvenir: a hat, and a numbered brick from the movie's yellow brick road that he plans to show off to all his friends.  

Dan can't wait to see himself on the big screen, and says he's dying to know how the movie ends:

"Someone earlier this week asked me, so did you get to know how the story goes? No...no one gets to know...the only part you know is the part you're in." 

Dan and Karen just returned from the movie premiere up in Pontiac, Michigan, and say the movie is spectacular. Dan was surprised at how many scenes he was actually in.

For those who remember our original story and the Cota's daughter Caroline, she got married last June to Dave Buckout and they live in Rochester, New York.

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