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Bowling Green resident demands intersection changes

BOWLING GREEN, OH (Toledo News Now) – The intersection of Wooster Street and Haskins Road in Bowling Green has resident Wayne Barbour concerned for pedestrian safety, and he's asking city council to make changes.

The three-way intersection only has one stop sign, and Barbour thinks something needs to be done.

"Even our mail carrier has to run across the street to deliver the mail. If he wants to go from here to there he has to run. I mean this is the slowest part of the day and you can see the traffic." Explained Wayne Barbour, who lives on Wooster Street.

Barbour has lived in the area for fifteen years, and he says that the three-way intersection is too busy for the number of pedestrians and bicyclers in the area. Barbour hopes that the city will put impose a three-way stop at the intersection. He thinks this will make life easier and safer for the neighbors in the area.

"Sometimes you wait five minutes when you cross the street and I've actually had to help people across the street like women with small kids and whatever because there's no break in traffic and I'm afraid someone is going to get run over." Barbour said.

City Councilman Bob Mcomber says that the council was receptive to Barbour's idea, but that changes could create more issues for drivers.

"If you change the traffic patterns by having people stop in all three directions we might just be trading one set of problems for a different set of problems." Mcomber explained.

The next step for city council is to decide whether or not to conduct an internal traffic study of the intersection. There's no word yet on when they'll make that decision.

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