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Proposed program could bring business to airport, requires income tax

Lucas County Port Authority President Paul Toth Lucas County Port Authority President Paul Toth
(Toledo News Now) -

A program designed to boost economic development is one step closer to becoming a reality in Lucas County.

A joint economic development district, if approved, would be a joint agreement between the City of Toledo and Monclova and Swanton townships, that would focus on creating an area that will attract new businesses.

The area in question is near the airport. The Port Authority just voted to include the land and office space they own in that area, as well.

The program would create an income tax for those who work in the district, but the money generated from it would stay in the area.

"You have to put water and sewer and utilities and roads to create development," said Paul Toth, president of the Lucas County Port Authority. "This is a great source of funds to be able to do that. Once you put the infrastructure in, now you have the basis for constructing new warehouses and stuff like that that we think are great opportunities for the airport area."

Before the project can be finalized, property owners in the district need to sign to be included. The income tax could go into effect 60 days after a final agreement is made.

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