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Man sentenced to 199 months on multiple charges


A local man has been sentenced to 199 months in prison on three different charges.

Bennie Overton, 34, was sentenced by the U.S. District Court to 115 months for carjacking and illegal possession of a handgun. 84 additional months were tacked on for using a firearm in a crime of violence.

According to court documents, Overton approached a man in a parked car on April 29 and proceeded to ask him to borrow a lighter. As the victim reached for the lighter, Overton placed a gun to the man's head, forcing him into the passenger seat. The victim was able to escape the vehicle before Overton sped away.

Police located the victim's car on May 4 with Overton passed out inside. Along with a firearm found inside of the car, police also discovered a large quantity of ammunition, two revolvers, two rifles and a shotgun at Overton's apartment.

Overton had previous felony convictions which prohibits him from owning or possessing firearms.

On August 12, Overton pled guilty to being a felon in possession. Two days later, he was convicted on the other two counts.

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