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Restaurant Ratings: Eateries fail at storing, thawing food properly

Dos Hermanos in Oregon racked up eight violations in its last health inspection. Dos Hermanos in Oregon racked up eight violations in its last health inspection.
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Basic rules for restaurants to follow seem to be ignored. Inspectors found shared issues at multiple eateries, including improper storage of food, improper thawing techniques and lack of date marking.

Local health inspectors say all TCS Food, which is food that requires time and temperature control for safety, must have a seven-day discard date. But all too often, employees are forgetting to stamp food to keep it from growing old.

Dos Hermanos on South Wheeling Street in Oregon has food not only being held without date marking, including tamales, cooked chicken and nuggets, but also food holding at unsafe temperatures. Of the restaurant's eight violations, inspectors also found raw shrimp thawing in room temperature water, which can lead to bacteria growth. The shrimp was then immediately cooked in boiling water under the supervision of a health inspector. Also noted were bags of onions and beans sitting on the floor in the dry storage room and a lot of buildup on microwaves, keg coolers and sinks.

In south Toledo on South Byrne Road, Subway was met with inspectors after a complaint about improperly thawing food in a sink. Food needs to be thawed in a cooler or under cold running water.

Also on Byrne, inspectors found seven violations at the Flower Drum Restaurant. Food without covers. Violations included raw beef and chicken stored above shrimp, rice and noodles stored at room temperature, food without covers in the cooler and several pieces of cardboard on the floor. Cardboard absorbs dirt and bacteria and must be thrown in the garbage.

Dollar Bill Grill on West Laskey Road in west Toledo is at fault for having food not properly date marked and pork past the seven-day discard date. But that's not all, mold is beginning to develop in two ice machines. Grease and dirt buildup can be seen on the kitchen's hood system. Inspectors additionally found a keg cooler not draining, leading to stagnant beer at the bottom of the keg.

The Taco Bell on Laskey, however, is said to have good date marking, as well as a clean and well-maintained facility. No violations were found during its inspection late last month.

You can also enjoy pizza any way you like it and without concern in east Toledo. The Pizza Hut on Navarre Avenue is stocked and consumer safe with no violations to report.

Jo Jo Pizza on Mayberry Square in Sylvania cannot say the same. Health inspectors found eight violations, including no hand soap and paper towels at the bar sink, raw chicken stored above noodles, and buildup on hood vents and fan covers. Additionally, inspectors noted feta cheese, tomatoes, ham and sausage being held above 41 degrees when it should be below 41 to keep from growing bacteria.

Five violations can be found at Uncle John's Pancake House on Secor Road in west Toledo. Raw shell eggs sitting out at room temperature were tossed out, grease is building up on waffle irons and an employee was caught handling toast with bare hands.

Two more restaurants without violations include Mike's Place on Cherry Street in north Toledo and We Are Ribs & Seafood on Wenz Road in south Toledo. Both facilities are maintaining a safe working environment for employees and patrons alike.

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