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Perrysburg Twp. Police Chief returns, accepts pay cut


Monday was Mark Hetrick's first day back on the job as the Perrysburg Township Police Chief.

Hetrick retired at the end of last year due to changes in the retirement system, but said he was not ready to stop working quite yet.

"I have great bosses, and they have tremendous support, and I was fortunate that they hired me back," he said.

Hetrick has been with the department for 26 years, and was chief for the last two years. He had to retire in order to receive the pension he had already worked toward.

"There's a lot of changes in the retirement system," Hetrick said. "The new changes are quite drastic from what we're retiring at, so a lot of the guys that can go are going, to get the pension they worked so hard to get."

But Chief Hetrick will also see a change in his salary.

"I agreed to come back at a starting patrolman's wage, and vacation time, just to save the taxpayers money," he said.

That will amount to a reduction of $25,000 from his salary, and his vacation time will drop from six weeks to two.

"I've worked my entire career here, I know the township, and know the ins and outs of everything," Hetrick said. "So bringing me back versus hiring either someone from within the department or somebody from outside, they're going to have to pay them what I was making or higher. I mean, that's a big difference."

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