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Don't Waste Your Money: Technology more prominent in new cars

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Now that it's March, many of us will be venturing into an automobile showroom. Car sales are up so far this year despite the struggling economy, but the dashboard of today's new cars may shock you.

Car sales are strong so far in 2013, despite higher gas prices. One reason may be that many cars on the road are now seven to 10 years old with high mileage, and in need of replacing. If you haven't sat in a new car in a while you may be in for a bit of a shock.

New Technology Available In More Models

Have you driven any new car lately? You may be amazed by all the technology now staring at you from the dashboard.

"It seems every year there's something new out there," said Priscilla Archaki with Toyota.

Archaki demonstrated the touch screen in the brand new 2013 Toyota Avalon. This is not your grandfather's Avalon. It has voice-activated navigation, Bluetooth for your phone, and an iPod interface to turn your car into a mobile smart phone.

"I think it's a very good concept for this new generation. Since we're all on the push button touch screen, it works out just fine," said Archaki.

Now here's a big change from just a couple of years ago: Even subcompact cars and small crossovers have a touch screen and all sorts of entertainment at your fingertips. Whether its Chevy's new $50,000 Corvette or its $15,000 Sonic, high-tech is everywhere.

Drivers Welcome The Changes

Drivers especially like the safety aspect of this new technology.

"I like the touch screen for backing up, and the touch screen for the navigational system that talks to you," said Delores Hopper. 

So if you haven't bought a new car in a few years, what you find this spring may amaze you.

Bottom Line

Unfortunately, all this new technology - especially safety features - comes with a price. New car prices are up more than a thousand dollars on average the past couple of years.

However, you get much better gas mileage than cars a decade ago, which can make up for those higher costs. That way you don't waste your money.

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