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45 roosters found in Cleveland home during cockfighting bust

West 30th, Cleveland West 30th, Cleveland

19 Action News is waiting for word on charges in connection to a big bust this weekend in a cockfighting ring.

Saturday, Cleveland Police raided a West 30th Street home with suspected gambling going on over which rooster would maul another first.

Upon checking the home, forty men were observed engaged in observing/gambling associated with cockfighting.

The Cleveland Kennels were notified, responded and removed forty three live roosters and two dead rosters from the home.

The city's Dog Warden is now holding the birds in cages usually meant for dogs while waiting for police to finish investigating.

Several of the animals were euthanized after the raid since they'd been involved in fighting and they still had spurs attached to them for fighting.

The Dog Warden expects a judge or prosecutor to decide if the other birds will be euthanized also or sent to a farm or somewhere else.

Border Patrol agents were also called in to help identify some of the people in the house. They say no one was arrested for being in the country illegally.

The home was found to be occupied and the homeowner, was placed under arrest for felony cruelty to animals and gambling charges.

The incident remains under investigation.

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