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Woman priest welcomes worshipers despite excommunication

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

The Holy Spirit Catholic Community Church is almost one month old.

It attracts about thirty people to a weekly Mass.

What's different about this place?

The priest here is a woman and women aren't allowed to be priests in the Catholic church.

Reverend Beverly Bingle has already been excommunicated by the Diocese of Toledo.

The Diocese called her February ordination by an order called Roman Catholic Priests 'invalid and illicit.'

"I accept that excommunication. I believe that I am a good standing Roman Catholic person," said Rev. Bingle.

And she says her followers are people who feel alienated by the Catholic church.

"We claim that we're inclusive and we try to be. We try to include everybody regardless of where they've been or what they've done," said Rev. Bingle.

Timothy Loeb left his Catholic church to worship at Holy Spirit.

"I'm a rebel. It's a rebel cause. Beverly likes gays, blacks, whites, whatever. I know the Catholic church doesn't accept them," said Mr. Loeb.

Cardinals will soon name a new Pope to succeed Benedict the Sixteenth.

Like her ministry, Rev. Bingle hopes he will be more inclusive.

As for accepting woman priests?

"Probably not. I think that will take longer than one Pope. Although I could be pleasantly surprised," said Rev. Bingle.

Next month, Rev. Bingle may surprise some in the Catholic church when she presides over her first marriage ceremony.

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