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Mayoral candidate passes out free baked potatoes


Mayoral candidate, Jim Berns, passed out free baked potatoes on Sunday afternoon.

Berns gave the potatoes away in Winton Woods at the corner of Dutch Colony and Winneste around 2 p.m.

Berns said that he ran out of potatoes within 25 minutes. Fifty pounds of potatoes were given away serving around 60 people.   

Why baked potatoes?

"I was at a Restaurant Depot on Mitchell Friday and they had number-two Idaho baked potatoes for nine bucks for 50 pounds," Berns told FOX19. "A bargain I could not pass up!"

The mayoral candidate said that he is planning similar potato-events in the future. Berns plans on switching to ice cream giveaways in the summer.  

Jim Berns, a Libertarian candidate, will appear on the Mayoral primary ballot on Sept. 10.

Berns will run against Roxanne Qualls and John Cranley. Current Mayor Mark Mallory's term expires this year.

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