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Website helps schools track student illnesses

Submitting symptoms to the website. Submitting symptoms to the website.
HENRY COUNTY, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Efforts are underway tokeep track of illnesses going around Henry County schools. All it takes are afew clicks online from school administrators.

It's a newly-designedwebsite called "SUDS" – Schools United in Disease Surveillance.
When parents call the school to report their child is sick, they have an optionof reporting the symptoms their child is experiencing. The school then reportsall those symptoms through the SUDS website, and the health department compilesthe information in real time.

"When we see these trendsincreasing, we can get communication out to our schools so they can put outsome prevention messages to teachers to make sure students are washing theirhands good, covering their coughs," said Mark Eckhart, public healthepidemiologist. "We can try and stop the spread of disease."

The program started inDefiance County, but has been so successful, it's now being used by severalschools in Henry County. Those who created the website hope it catches on witheven more schools.

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