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Coyote sightings in the suburbs have some concerned


Several coyote sightings this week have neighbors who live in Cleveland's eastern suburbs concerned.

One man, who has 4 daughters came face to face this week with a pack right in his own driveway.

"Five of them right here," said a concerned resident.

Encounters like that seem to be on the rise and the area's game warden knows why, "Coyotes have lost their fear of us so we need to reestablish that fear with noise."

Monday coyotes reportedly attacked a dog in a Pepper Pike neighborhood.

The coyotes reportedly seen in the area coming right up to the houses are described as large animals, bigger than the average 30 or 40 pound coyote.  At this time of year, coyotes are raising their young and can be extremely defensive.

The warden recommends people stay alert and remove all coyote food sources from around the house like bird feeders and garbage cans also keep a close eye on small pets and an even closer eye on children.

For information on what do to if you spot a coyote click here.

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