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Locals react to Gov. Kasich’s turnpike plans

A toll booth on the turnpike. A toll booth on the turnpike.
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Ohio lawmakers passed a bill Thursday to raise more money for highway projects with the Ohio Turnpike.

Governor John Kasich's plan aims to raise $1.5 billion for highway and bridge projects in Ohio. The money would be raised through bonding against future turnpike revenue.

The governor said 90 percent of the money raised with this type of bonding would be spent in northern Ohio – where the turnpike is located – but that language isn't in the measure being voted on in the Ohio House.

Lucas County Commissioners and others fear that the money won't be spent in this part of the state.

"There's a certain level of fairness that concerns us here in northern Ohio," said Carol Contrada, president of the Lucas County Commissioners. "For example, we pay to commute from Toledo to Cleveland, but people who live in Columbus don't pay to commute to Cleveland."

They also fear that there are no guarantees of how high future turnpike tolls will be raised.

The language also doesn't include anything on Kasich's promise to limit toll increases to the rate of inflation, and give drivers going 30 miles or less on the turnpike a toll freeze for 10 years.

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