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Does It Work: Wraptastic

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If you turn on any kind of TV, you're sure to see the infomercial for this week's product: Wraptastic. It's supposedly an easier way to rip off plastic wrap or foil without tearing it.

Kendra Lewis has some trouble getting the plastic wrap to tear off in the gadget. It is supposed to make it easier to rip off foil or wrap by not tearing or offering jagged edges, like you often get from the perforated edge on most boxes. Eventually, once she puts some muscle into it, the wrap tears off, but it still takes holding the gadget down to get it to work.

"I think the roll is too big," said Lewis.

She also finds it's not necessarily one size fits all. The adjusters do adapt to this bigger, economy roll of foil, but she suggests if you buy this, you'd better just stick with the basic size roll of foil because the bigger ones don't fit in there as well.

"I'm a little disappointed," said Lewis.

If you buy this, you'd better have enough counter or drawer space to house Wraptastic.

"I wouldn't have it sitting out. It's way too big," Lewis said.

Plus, you'd better plan on buying a Wraptastic for each of your rolls of foil, plastic wrap and maybe even wax paper. Otherwise, you'll constantly change out the rolls in this, and at that point, it'd be faster just to rip it off the box whether it has a clean edge or not, in Lewis' opinion.

"'B-.' It worked. It's just not as handy as I thought it would be. It could work better," said Lewis.

The $20 Wraptastic isn't fantastic. It barely slips by with a 'B-' on this Does It Work test.

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