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Viewers report huge potholes causing flat tires

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

With the change in weather, more and more of bothersome potholes seem to be popping up around the city, putting a dent in driver's rims and pockets.

Rolling over a pothole can send you driving over to the nearest car repair shop.

"We've seen them from smaller cars, such as a Fiat, all the way up to our full-sized sport utility vehicles, like the Dodge Durango. You know, rim damage, tire damage, all kinds of stuff," explained Mike Hehl, service manager at Yark Automotive Group.

According to Hehl, within the last couple weeks, his mechanics have been busy patching things up and getting drivers back on the road.

"It definitely affects our business, as it does a lot of other ones. The thawing and the freezing definitely affects the concrete and the different things like that, which in turn, causes the potholes. That brings the business in," said Hehl.

Hehl says it seems as if you cannot escape the problem.

"It's definitely aggravating, I mean, I've had calls from my wife, you know, and myself, and they pop up at night, and they'll pop up out of nowhere. It's definitely frustrating," said Hehl.

These little potholes can rack up a huge price to pay for drivers. Some drivers have even run into the problem more than once.

"We've even had some customers have numerous wheel and tire repairs over the last month, you know? We see the same customer back, and you know, they're frustrated. They seem to take it good hearted, but you know it's frustrating even though there's not much they can do about it," said Hehl.

Toledo News Now received several reports Thursday morning of drivers getting flats on Anthony Wayne Trail near Western Avenue, as well as on northbound Interstate 75 near Collingwood Boulevard.

If you're noticing a trouble spot regarding potholes, send us a picture and tell us where the pothole is located -

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