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TPD gets 2 new police dogs

Wespe Wespe
Wespe Wespe
TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

The Toledo Police Department has welcomed two new four-legged officers whose main job is to sniff out drugs and help the department clean up the streets.

Wespe and Tanko come to the department all the way from Germany. They are big, adorable and smart. All their commands are given to them in German. Although their tails are always wagging, they mean business when it comes to finding drugs.

Detectives say the dogs are motivated by play. Officers take them where they think drugs are, that is when the game of hide-and-seek starts for the dogs.

For practice, detectives place a small amount of drugs in a metal box inside of a vehicle's trunk. Once the dogs zero in on the scent of drugs, they will scratch or bite to let the detectives know where it is.

"Their sense of smell is different than ours. We smell. If we have Thanksgiving, we smell Thanksgiving when we walk in the house. When the dog walks into the house, the dog would smell the mashed potatoes, the butter in the mashed potatoes, would smell the onions, the turkey, anything you put on it. They separate those odors, and that's why the dogs are so great at what they do," explained Det. Brian Gaylord with the TPD.

Wespe and Tanko have been with the department since late December and their noses have been put to use hundreds of times, including in "Operation Dirty Boy VI" last week, in which the department seized more than $89,000 worth of drugs.

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