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Local crews stay on top of slushy roads Tuesday night

Slushy conditions can make for slippery roads. Slushy conditions can make for slippery roads.
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Local road crews have been busy trying to keep track of weather conditions to know what to deal with going into Tuesday night.

Rain for most of the day, combined with some snow, has caused slushy, slippery roads in some areas.

Drivers from Toledo's division of "Streets, Bridges and Harbor" are working 12-hour shifts to make sure the roads are treated with salt and cleared once the rain changes to snow.

Road crews have been out on overtime in Maumee to salt bridges and overpasses, as well as main roads like the Anthony Wayne Trail and Conant Street. They first went out at about 3 p.m. and will be out until the roads are clear.

They said it has been a challenge keeping the roads clear, despite the lack of snowfall. They couldn't pre-treat roads because of all the rain, which would have just washed it away. But they said there are some things residents can do to make it easier for them to get their job done.

"We would ask that they give due room to the salt trucks as they are out," said Maumee Public Service Commissioner Howard Brebberman. "And if there isn't a need to pass, don't pass. Allow those guys to do their jobs, and then when the opportunity comes to go by them, yes, go by them."

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