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3 resign from Lake Twp Fire Department amid investigation

LAKE TOWNSHIP, OH (Toledo News Now) -

The Lake Township Fire Department is looking for a new chief after he handed in his resignation, stemming from a new investigation into an incident involving two firefighters.

Township trustees say it's not what they did on the job, but rather bad decisions made off the clock while at a wedding reception for a fellow firefighter. As a result, Chief Todd Walters, along with Richard and Michelle Hallock, turned in their letters of resignation Thursday.

According to township trustees, last Saturday started there was a wedding reception for the brother of Sgt. Scott Sims. The Chief, along with Richard and Michelle Hallock, were off duty and in attendance. Trustees say they became concerned about how much Sims had to drink and decided the Hallocks would take him home. Trustees then say the Hallocks loaded Sims into their car and decided to stop by the fire station to grab two bags of saline, which they would administer to Sims at his home to help flush the alcohol from his system.

Those involved set out to have a good time at the reception, not break rules, say trustees. Still, regardless of the intent, township rules were broken.

The chief has been replaced temporarily by the township's medical director Mike Hornyak.

Sgt. Sims is currently being investigated by the Lake Township Police.

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