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Lack of snow hurting snow removal companies

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While some of us may have been upset about longer commutes Friday morning, snow removal companies welcomed the winter weather.

They say this year has been much better than last winter, when northwest Ohio didn't see any heavy snow. One small business is hoping for more snow before spring.

Employees at A+ Building Maintenance and Home Repair are cleaning their snow plows after a busy morning of clearing snow. Still, they say Friday's work isn't enough to keep them busy.

The company has a giant pile of rock salt totaling 30 tons - and that's not all of it. Shelves are lined with even more salt. The owner is hoping it will all be gone by spring, but it's going to take a lot more snow for that to happen.

The lack of snow last winter hurt business, and this year isn't much better.

"We've had a lot lighter snowfalls. We've only had to push a total of four times so far. On a normal season, you gotta figure you went at least 10 times out there pushing snow," said Nick Carpenter, owner of A+ Maintenance and Home Repair.

Carpenter says every year they budget for the supplies they will need for the season and always plan for the worst. But these past two seasons have been bad for the snow removal side of business. He's hoping for more snow before next year.

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