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Passed or failed levy, Fostoria to cut school budget by $700k

FOSTORIA, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Fostoria school officials say cuts are happening regardless of their levy's outcome.

Fostoria City Schools has an 8.15 mill levy on the upcoming May ballot to replace an 8.55 mill levy that expires soon. Earlier this week, the superintendent and school board announced that regardless of levy results, there will be hundreds of thousands of dollars in cuts to the school budget.

New Fostoria Superintendent Andrew Sprang entered the job with an immediate problem to resolve.

"Looking at our five-year forecast, our expenditures were higher than our revenues," explained Sprang.

Fostoria schools already has an 8.15 mill substitute levy on the ballot, but funds raised would be a continuance from the previous emergency levy, not new money. 

"We've used up our surplus monies and now we're at the deficit spending, where we're not bringing in as much. So we need to balance that out," said Sprang.

On Monday, Sprang informed the Fostoria City School Board that even if the levy passes, at the end of their 2014 school budget, they would only have a $20,000 surplus.

"Barring some type of emergency, that's a very little bit of an amount of money to work with to have some leeway there for those types of situations," said Treasurer Norm Elchert.

As a result, up to $700,000 of cuts will be made. The first change would be moving the current school administration offices into the junior and senior high school building.

Officials are hoping these cuts will reinforce the need to pass their upcoming levy.

"We're trying to be fiscally responsible. We're not asking for new money. And I think that we're showing that we're going to be responsible by making cuts even though if we pass that levy, we know that we have to make those cuts and use our tax payer dollars more efficiently," said Elchert.

Through levy and budget cuts, administrators hope to impact the quality of their students' education as little as possible.

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