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Port Clinton City Schools get casino check

PORT CLINTON, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Port Clinton City Schools received a $38,000 check from the state as a result of casino revenue.

According to members of the school board, the money will likely be used to offset the $1.5 million in lost revenue over the last two years.

Officials say while they are grateful, the money will not go far, and they are concerned about future funding.

"We are worried," said Jeff Dornbusch, treasurer of the board of education. "Quite honestly, enrollments have been declining over the last several years, so we've had to reduce our staff to deal with the reduction in state revenues."

Students and staff just moved into new school facilities in October of 2012.

The community passed a bond in 2009, which funded the new school, including a permanent improvement levy that goes towards maintaining the facilities.

Officials say they are saving money, since there is little maintenance to be done on the new buildings, and the facilities come equipped with energy saving features, such as controlled heating.

They say the schools are not relying heavily on funds collect through casino taxes in the future.

"We don't know what the future is going to hold or if that revenue will stay the same…there's no guarantee that we'll get that $38,000 twice a year," said Dornbusch.

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