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EDITORIAL: WTOL still supports causes and charities

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Earlier this week, several viewers weighed in on the WTOL 11 Facebook page about the significance of our anchors wearing lapel pins or ribbons.

It was incorrectly concluded by some that since a pin was not worn everyday, WTOL 11 must therefore be less committed to a cause or charity. That is not true.

We have determined that wearing the same lapel pin everyday lessens its potential impact. It makes more sense to wear these special pins on appropriate days when we are calling for increased focus on the cause or charity which it represents. For example, wearing pink to support Race for the Cure, red for Go Red for Women, and so on.

WTOL 11 remains staunchly committed to shining our bright light to investigate and support the causes and events which could improve your life. We were the first media outlet to focus on the Clyde pediatric cancer cluster and we continue to take that fight to Washington, D.C. and to Columbus.

The other causes, like Give Autism the Boot, Red Cross Oscar Night, and Pack a Pickup - to name just a few - will be lifted on air in every possible way, including wearing lapel pins at the right moment.

I hope this helps clear up any misunderstanding or false rumor to the contrary.

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