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Praise and criticism for Gov. Kasich’s address

Governor John Kasich Governor John Kasich
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Governor John Kasich delivered a 70-minute State of the State address at the Lima Convention Center Tuesday.

The governor talked about Ohio's successes, saying its fortunes have turned around and the state has seen an increase of 120,000 jobs.

"We're number one in job creation in the Midwest," Kasich said. "And number six in job creation in the United States."

He also touted his education reform plan from his budget, saying no school district is getting less funding than last year, and districts hurting the most will get the most.

"$7,500 per pupil in the very poorest district. And the wealthiest will receive $110," he said.

The governor was not the only one to discuss Ohio's success. Republican State Senator Randy Gardner said Ohio is better off now than two years ago.

"Our tax climate is more competitive than it was five years ago," Gardner said. "And that's one of the reasons why we are beating most of the other states now in terms of finding jobs and reducing our unemployment rate."

But Kasich's critics weren't far away. "We are Ohio" rallied against his policies across the street from the convention center. They say the state of the worker is not good. Especially when it comes to manufacturers and teachers.

"I look at what the governor is doing, and I am very upset about it," said Dan Greenberg, a teacher at Southview High School in Sylvania. "His funding plan is not something that is going to help public schools across the state. It is not going to be something that is going to make public schools stronger."

Senator Gardner said the legislature has a lot of work to do on the budget proposal, but thinks one that is good for Ohio will be passed by June 30.

View the entire State of the State address here.

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