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Reports: Apple developing 'wristwatch' computer

Tech blogs and other media are abuzz over rumors of an Apple wearable wristwatch computer. Tech blogs and other media are abuzz over rumors of an Apple wearable wristwatch computer.

(RNN) - Another day, another Apple rumor. This time about a wearable wristwatch computer. 

Tech blogs stared buzzing about Apple developing a wristwatch/computer/wearable gizmo around the first of the year. The rumors gained momentum last week with reports coming in succession from the New York Times and

Bloomberg cited unnamed sources "familiar with the company's plans" who said Apple has about 100 product designers working on the project, and that it's in the development stages with managers, members of the marketing group and engineers.

The financial site indicated the move is at least in part because Apple CEO Tim Cook is taking fire because the company's stock dipped more than 30 percent since September.

Apple still dominates the market but has lost some of its cool since the death of Steve Jobs. Samsung, Google and Microsoft have made inroads with their own touch-screen devices, and consumers have felt disgruntled because Apple's recent new products have rendered previous products obsolete while offering little in the way of innovation.

Bloomberg's report followed the New York Times report that claimed that the device would be made of curved glass.

Corning, the company that makes the tough glass used in the iPhone, has engineered bendable glass, called "Willow Glass" that can flop in the wind like a piece of paper without breaking, according to the report.

The device that some are calling the iWatch could revive the moribund wristwatch, and might serve to synch the iPhone with iPads and computers.

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