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Port Clinton downtown historic district could be redeveloped

PORT CLINTON, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Parts of Port Clinton could be upgraded in the near future. Residents will be the first to find out what's in store for the historic district at 6 p.m. Wednesday at the Elk Lodge.

The streets of downtown Port Clinton could look different soon as a developer comes in with new ideas. 
There's a lot to offer residents on the quiet downtown streets, from shopping and restaurants, to lake activities. Soon there may be more "open for business" signs popping up downtown and along the waterfront. 

"I think right now we're just looking to see what could possibly improve our historic community, both on the waterfront and within our downtown buildings. We're open to ideas and suggestions and just looking at the track record Mr. Rose has had in other communities, such as Wooster and Medina and Orville," said Laura Schlachter with the Port Clinton Chamber of Commerce.
On Wednesday, developer Mike Rose, of Washington Properties, will present his ideas for renovating this part of the city, hopefully reeling in more tourists over the next 10 years.
"We have this amazing downtown historic district that so many places would want to have. With us being right on the mouth of the Portage River, on Lake Erie, and we're hoping that we can take all of our assets and build on them," explained Schlachter.
Locals say for a long time, Port Clinton has been a diamond in the rough, a jewel just waiting to be found. More business could do just that.
"Fix it up. Get things going here. It's kind of a gold mine that hasn't been discovered," said Schlachter.
Plans to develop the historic downtown in the past have fallen through, so people of Port Clinton are hoping this time, things will be smooth sailing.

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