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Restaurant Ratings: Double-digit violations reported

Inspectors tallied 22 violations, including eight repeat offenses, at Arturo's Fritz & Alfredo's in north Toledo. Inspectors tallied 22 violations, including eight repeat offenses, at Arturo's Fritz & Alfredo's in north Toledo.
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An area Mexican restaurant with a rough past has one less violation to worry about: mice. But double-digit problems at another eatery may weaken the appetite.

Tex-Mex Tortilleria along South Broadway Street in south Toledo is officially without mice. We first reported the problem several months ago. Following an inspection two weeks ago, health workers say the rodent issue has been taken care of and is no longer an issue. Also, Tex-Mex is working on fixing several broken and cracked tiles throughout the facility. A few other areas, however, are still in need of improvement as part of its four violations. There is a plumbing leak underneath a sink, peeling walls, and food items provided by a bakery in Detroit needing ingredient labels.

San Marcos - also on Broadway - is facing 11 violations. A dirty knife was found stored in a knife holder in the meat department. No date labels were placed on ham in the deli display case. Several boxes of tortillas were being stored on the floor. Also, an inspector noted toothpaste resting on a sink in the bakery area.

Another interesting find was noted in the Anchor Inn inspection report. Located on Suder Avenue in north Toledo, inspectors found a dog hanging around in the bar area. Animals are only permitted under certain conditions. The issue was quickly corrected.

Arturo's Fritz and Alfredo's on North Summit Street in north Toledo is again in need of dramatic changes. Inspectors tallied 22 violations, including eight repeat offenses. An employee was found handling shredded lettuce without latex gloves. Half a cigarette was left sitting along the cook line. Food items were being stored without date labels and some without covers in the cooler. Buildup is growing inside the ice machine and pop gun holsters. Plus, no hand soap was available at the sink near the bar.

There are 10 violations to report at Ping On located along East Manhattan Boulevard in north Toledo. Inspectors found a bag of raw pork stored above produce, but it has since been removed. Chicken was found being prepared at a sink with dirty dishes, which was a repeat violation. Employees corrected it on the spot. Soy sauce buckets were found being used to store chicken, which is a violation because a soy sauce bucket is not an approved container. Inspectors also noted general cleaning was needed under and behind kitchen equipment, plus egg wash was being stored at room temperature.

If you're in the Neapolis area, its Pizza Shop on Main Street is in great standing with the county health department. No violations were found following its early February inspection.

Kam Wah Restaurant in Waterville is also welcoming the hungry, especially after its recent inspection. No violations to report.

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