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$160.5million bond proposal for TISD to be discussed Thursday


At its regularly scheduled board meeting Thursday night, the Tyler ISD board will discuss putting a $160.5million bond on the City of Tyler's May ballot.

At that meeting, there will be two newly-formed political action committees on hand, both concerned about TISD's future, but one in support and one against the bond package.

Tyler ISD board members will be looking at a bond proposal that would renovate Dixie and Rice Elementary schools and adding a career and technology center, like one at a district at Ft. Worth that offers cosmetology and health science classes.

"It would also include working on the middle school campuses, which would include two new middle schools at the sites of Moore and at Boulter, and then working on a new middle school, which would be in the southwest quadrant of Tyler,"

It's a plan Rick Eisenbach with the "No More Excuses, Tyler ISD!" coalition opposes.

"Evidence is clear that merely building new buildings does not necessarily equate to academic results. We have seen the evidence of that," Eisenbach said.

The coalition sent a letter to then-interim Superintendent Gary Mooring in November asking for a public town hall meeting or workshop to address their concerns, primarily that taxpayers are being asked to support bond measures new schools when academic performance is low and there are major discipline problems in the schools.

Eisenbach says the group has met with school officials but feels as though their concerns have been dismissed.

The problem is, one affects the other. Discipline affects academics, and academics affects discipline. If we don't have good discipline control, then we're not going to achieve the academics

What's interesting is the groups have a lot of the same issues. The approach is different," said Mark Randall and Leslie Strader. They're part of the group Tyler Proud, a group that says they are trying to bring positive change to Tyler ISD's academic, discipline, and safety standards.

"We aren't just a group about a bond proposal. We're here before a bond proposal is considered, and we will be here after a bond proposal is considered. So what we look at is, there are a lot of needs in facilities here in TISD. There's over 150 portable buildings in TISD, 191 portable classes in TISD, so about 15 percent of all the classes are portables in TISD," Randall said.

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